Here’s what the press and bloggers are saying about Bethany’s live set and Harpsichord Row:

“An artist that we should all be getting excited about”
Female First

“…a new national treasure in waiting?”
A Musical Priority 

“Ethereal and enchanting, it heralds the arrival of a gorgeous debut album from an exciting new talent.”
Music In Oxford

“… a rather stunning debut.”

“Think Florence without the Machine or Kate Bush in a cathedral.”
Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net

“Among our best-known singer-songwriters, Bethany Weimers plays alternative folk with serious soul, and hints of Kate Bush, Florence Welch and Laura Marling – all of which makes her compulsive listening.”
Oxford Mail

“…a kind of sexy, intense PJ Harvey thing going on.”
One Note Forever

“Live, her vocal strength and delivery of carefully crafted songs possessed all the
quiet intensity that courses through Harpsichord Row in abundance.”
Oxfordshire Music Scene

Harpsichord Row takes the best from the past and the present and does so with both musical and conceptual clarity.
This is a beautiful album and a very promising debut.”
One Note Forever

“Bethany Weimers is one of the best discoveries I have managed to stumble upon in recent times.”
Sputnik Music

“Every time one of her songs floats up on shuffle I pause for a moment to greet her characters properly,
as they are compelling people.”
Now This Sound Is Brave

(Erm, this one is in Dutch, you may need to hit google translate…)
Alt Country Forum

“There’s something almost gospel about Bethany Weimers’ Harpsichord Row. As it swells and grows with each track, she mixes perfect pronunciation with tribal drum beats, and at times heavy piano accompaniments not dissimilar to Tori Amos.”
Nightshift Magazine

“One of very, very few albums recorded in a bedroom that you couldn’t have guessed was recorded in a bedroom.”

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