Ha Ha! Happy new year to all! Apologies that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. I thought it about time that I let you know what I’ve been up to. Anyone who’s seen me perform live over the past couple of years will have heard me play a few ‘new’ songs that aren’t on Harpsichord Row and no doubt heard me mutter something about my next album. Well in the **GULP** nearly 5 years since I released Harpsichord Row I’ve been working and working on songs for a second album.  But there was a bit of a problem – the album was born from some not very pleasant experiences and a life-changing breakup. Whilst this was in fact BRILLIANT for me (ha! as predicted in Lucky Day…), I was reluctant to finish these heart-ache stories and then commit them to record for ever more. So bring on the creative tangle, musical disillusionment and chucking lots of songs away. (Also I lived in really shitty flat for a year that was full of mould and where I was forbidden from making a noise after 7pm – FUN.)

Anyway blah blah blah… had a musical meltdown, gave up, went and sang folk songs in a Devonshire wood to help get over it, played some gigs and remembered how much I love performing to an appreciative audience and then suddenly… I FINISHED WRITING THE SONGS FOR ALBUM #2. Yes, good.

So next up – over the next few months I’m hoping to work with a host of great musicians to help turn the demos into proper recordings. My plan is to record over the spring and summer whilst playing a few gigs here and there. Finally I’m excited about sharing these songs – Heartbreaker Police, Tabula Rasa, Crave to name a few!

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings and continuing to be such kind and supportive supporters despite my slowness in putting out new sounds. And thanks to Merlin for this fabulous painting from the gig at St Johns Hoxton a few weeks back, talented so & so… Bx


Merlin Porter Arts Hoxton

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