Hard to believe but yesterday, May 7th 2013, marked exactly one year since Harpsichord Row was released. Wow, what a year it’s been – pretty epic on so many levels. Exactly 12 months before was an onslaught of torrential rain, hail and astonishingly a tornado, but the anniversary was a different world of heat, sun, Spring Fever.  I couldn’t let the day pass without doing something to remember the occasion, and so I visited the place in St Clements, Oxford, where the real Harpsichord Row once stood. The grass verge, still holding the harpsichord shape of the street, was covered in tulips, daisies, celandine and blossom trees bursting with life. I thought briefly about the past and the future but the present won. With flowers in my hair (a gift from my adventuring companion), I, we,  wandered next to the University Parks through Mesopotamia and along the back of the field that features in Protect. “On the fence she’s standing watching the horses turn wild, on the fence her thirst is burning for all is desired”. My bedroom window as a child looked onto this field, or meadow is a better word. We had a small square garden at the end of which was a wooden fence, perfect for balancing on…

The wander continued into the University Parks. We clambered over the rollers; stood under ‘The Upside-Down Tree’; tried to buy an ice cream but the little van wasn’t there; sat by the river.

Returned home sunkissed and happily tired. Went on internet. Message from friend on Facebook saying well done about Truck. What’s this I thought? Then I saw – I MADE SHORTLIST FOR THE TRUCK FESTIVAL!!! Ah. So pleased. 1200 bands applied. 100 shortlisted. Whether this means Truck Festival will be on my gig list this summer only time will tell, the shortlist will be whittled down to even fewer – only 20. For now though, I’m enjoying this Harpsichord Row Release Anniversary Surprise and feeling great that I’ve come this far. Thank you Truck Festival Shortlisters! Fingers Crossed…

If you’re interested the full list of all the acts shortlisted is on Truck Festival Facebook Page.


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