About 30 minutes ago I was feeling really rubbish. Bad case of Sunday, or in this case Monday night blues. I was trying to practice my album as a live solo set and it was just not happening. I had an overwhelming list of press and radio to contact and had only scratched the surface. And I got it into my head that my album was rubbish and everyone would hate it. Very silly and unhelpful I know, but that is one of the pitfalls of being a solo and self-produced artist. Anyway, a few days ago I had uploaded Silver Moon to the Fresh on the Net listening post which is a site run by Tom Robinson. Every week they post a batch of songs for the public to listen to and chose their favourite 5. The idea is that you get an unbiased view of how your track is received by non-fans. A short while ago I discovered that my track was one of this weeks Top 13 faves (normally Top 10 but too many favourites this week). Not only that, but some kind soul has written what I can only describe as one of the nicest write-ups I have had. Kind of makes the struggle worthwhile. So thank you! Bethany x

“Bethany Weimers creates a haunting atmosphere with quirky instrumentation and distinctive vocals. Think Florence without the Machine or Kate Bush in a cathedral. Silver Moon is a shimmering piece of Alt-Folk with delicate falsetto harmonies and the gentle sound of a harpsichord* permeating the whole piece to beautiful effect.”  Fresh on the Net 

*It’s actually a combination of celeste, pizzicato strings and I think I put some organ in there too. Just to be awkward there isn’t a single note of harpsichord on the album… 😉

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