Good evening all. Yesterday I had a most enjoyable couple of hours hanging out with BBC Introducing Oxford presenter Dave Gilyeat and producer Liz Green. What did we chat about? Mmm… well… naked life drawing; David Bowie’s hottest looks; when the vending machine at my old work gave me not one but TWO Kit Kat Chunkys and I gave the extra to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy; and inappropriate interview questions – amongst other things. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure all these riveting conversations happened prior to recording the actual interview and my memory of what we spoke about in the show itself is somewhat blurred. So yes, basically if you want to find out what was said you will have to tune in on Saturday.

Far more excitingly however you will be able to hear 30000 Days and a LIVE SESSION of my BRAND NEW SONG. It’s so new that Dave and Liz were only the second and third people to hear it… eek… bit scary. Shit. Really hope you all like it. The track is called ‘Skeletal’ and is down on my list for album two…

When to listen?  Saturday 12th January 8pm, repeated Sunday 13th January 9pm (GMT)

Where to listen?  Live on good old-fashioned radio – BBC Oxford 95.2 FM // Stream Online // Podcast

What is on? 30000 Days + interview + live session of new track Skeletal.

Right. That is all.

Ooh, no there’s one more thing. By joyous coincidence my friends’ band The Shaker Heights are opening the show with their track Little White Doll. Great band, awesome track, fine bunch of folk. Good news indeed. Plus lots of other brilliant music from local Oxford bands.

Thanks everyone! xx

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