Back in late October, my artist partner Merlin and I started planning a paper stop motion video for my single Winter Heart. Neither of us had attempted anything quite like it before. We built sets in our living room, borrowed a DSLR, and let our imaginations wander. After 5 weeks of shooting at evenings and weekends, we finally finished putting the video together late last Sunday night. It’s been a real labour of love but we’re immensely proud of our little creation. Stop motion animation is a million times harder than I had anticipated – total respect to all animators out there. So here it is – every second done by hand, no digital special effects. (Although I did end up having to fix a couple of accidental movements in photoshop – the dancing doormat had to be tamed! Oh and I removed some biscuit crumbs that sneaked into a few frames in the painting scene. That’ll teach me to eat on set.)

Enjoy! x

P.S. For more of Merlin’s artwork please visit Merlin Porter Arts on FB.



Thanks everyone who’s listened, liked and bought Winter Heart. In the few days since its release, the single has been broadcast on Amazing Radio (The Other Woman Radio Show), Channel Radio and Music World Radio! And the video is very nearly ready to share. Exciting times.